Have you actually seen your network lately? Keeping an eye on your infrastructure just got easier and it’s FREE with many of our services! Our customizable monitoring solution watches all aspects of your network, storage, and computer resources, whether it’s one server in your back office, or a global infrastructure.

ITC3 monitoring solutions provide up-to-the-minute observation with alarm scripts that can re-route and repair and alert you if attention is required. Our self-healing automation will build, shutdown, reboot, and move your cloud resources as needed to maintain the highest level of availability that is unachievable by today’s standard monitoring solutions.

Customizable alert notifications based on your organization structure as to who, how, and when to be notified.

External check systems

Thresholds and workloads . . . we don’t just monitor if a service is up or down, we also track trends, monitor performance and thresholds, and automate actions. Prevent the outage, don’t respond to them.

Higher-level, more detailed reporting/monitoring is available. Please contact us for pricing.